Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tales from the Inbox

Spam received just today!

SMIC voi doi ngu luat su va chuyen gia giau kien thuc va kinh nghiem cam ket cung cap dich vu tu van dam bao tinh chuyen nghiep, chat luong va hieu qua.

Chuong trinh ho tro dac biet:

Thanh lap doanh nghiep trong nuoc tron goi 780.000 VND (da bao gom phi Nha nuoc)

Sounds like a deal, no?

Actually, I have no idea, because my translation skills for whatever language this is, aren't too hot. I tried Babelfishing it, but it isn't recognizing it as Chinese, Japanese or Korean. I have a sneaking suspision it's Vietnamese, but Babelfish says Nyet. Or something.

Normally, I would never ever ever waste my time opening stuff like this, but the porn name subject (Thong Bao) was too much for this Tuna to resist.


bozoette said...

Thai? Laotian?

Anonymous said...

I'd have guessed Vietnamese also, based on the word-forms. My new guess? Tagalog.