Thursday, August 04, 2005

Till The Rain Comes Tumbling Down

So, I've been to Beeeeeeaver Iiiiiiiisland and back again. I sang Bach to the Beavers, and of course I have stories to tell -- someday. But not today.

I'm still totally, utterly, completely, and redundantly preoccupied with the following all-too-familiar equation:

Water + Basement = Mess

I left a much drier mess and returned to a still dry and less substantial yet still overwhelming mess. Since I've been back I go to work, come home, eat clean until I cannot move any more, and then shoot at things on my computer until my brain finally turns off. Five hours later, I do it all over again.

Today it finally rained, so GramTuna and I took off about 15 minutes into the rainstorm to run home and check the basement.

And then we hooked up the sump pump -- again.
And then GramTuna dashed to the store to buy a sump pump -- again.
And then she started making phone calls -- again.

My valiant attempt to "look on the bright side" diminishes with every wring of the mop and dump of the bucket. The situation now has been upgraded (downgraded) to abysmal suckitude. More details to follow...


Anonymous said...

Abysmal Suckitude, indeed! I am SO, so sorry!--Even so sorrier than I was the first time! I assume it's an expense, too. Not nice at all!! Let us shake our fists at the Heavens and may the God of rain wait a while!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry you're still dealing with this.

If I had a fleet of brooms, and access to the Sorcerer's wand, I'd send them to do your bidding.

bozoette said...

Oh that is truly sucktastic. I hope things dry out for good very soon.