Sunday, January 01, 2006

Boogie Nights

Today the Tuna clan ventured forth to TunaU to watch the Lady Spartunas demolish the visiting University of Michigan Wolverines on the basketball court (77-44 for those keeping score. Like me). I underestimated the attendance by a mile (over 12,000!) but, thanks to BigBroTuna, we scored general seating tickets on the bleachers 3 rows up from the floor, right next to the Band.

Because the students are still blessedly away until Monday, the Pep Band today was comprised of Alumni players, who proved to be as entertaining as the game itself. It's obvious that they had practiced some, but not too much. Or, maybe just enough to get into trouble.

Now, I'm sure every current and former member of the MSU Spartan Band can play the fight song and the Alma Mater by heart. But there was nothing funnier than watching the pep band, whose average age was something close to 70 years old try to fumble their way through "Jungle Boogie."

Today's game proved one thing: Alumni ain't got no syncopation.

During one of the many timeouts, TinyTuna and I ventured forth to obtain our free ice cream cookie sandwich. On our way out, we said hi to one of the Baritone players, who just happened to be a dirty rotten church skipper on this first day of the year. We informed him of such, and he acknowledged his sinful ways as he fumbled through his belongings to find his music and glasses... just in time to play the last five notes of "Hang on Sloopy." Next, we passed one of TinyTuna's acquaintances, a recent graduated of the PhD program, who also happens to be over 70 years young.

"Are you having a good time?" She asked TinyTuna.
"I'm having a blast!" TinyTuna replied.
"Me too! It's a great game!" She answered.

And then she was off with the rest of the Alumni band, to Jungle Boogie one more time.

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