Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lost Treasures Take Three

Keeping in mind my basement bookcases are supposed to house music and books, the following interlopers were discovered in bookcase number three:

1. A small bag from The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum containing a wad of fused gummy bears.
2. Four walkmans
3. One mini Barbie in a navy evening gown
4. One jump-rope
5. One Menorah
6. One small plastic lemon wedge squeezer
7. One OLD teething ring with an engraved sterling silver bell (that seems to resemble a cowbell if you ask me) bearing my initials

It's not quite "Something Old, Something New..." but I did have something Barbie dressed in blue. And as for the Menorah, well, that harkens back to TinyTuna being in first grade and deciding we HAD to be Jewish and light a candle for each night for Hanukkah. Who was I to say no?


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nk said...


i always wanted to celebrate hannukah. my mom was not so game as gt! ;)