Wednesday, June 21, 2006

First Day of Summer?

Greentuna: The Dancing Turtle?

Tinytuna: Yes, The Dancing Turtle.

Greentuna: What is that place?

Tinytuna: The Coffee Shop! In North Carolina!

Greentuna: **crickets**
This small conversation, Tinytuna made up to impress her readers. The first day of summer and I am working? I should be at our beach house, taking a break from the BEACH! It is hard work to swim for a long time in the ocean.

Anyway, it is the first day of summer, (as you should know already!) The first day of summer, and it looks like it is about to pour on our heads. Some first day of summer, this has been.

It all began when I was down at the beach today. I was playing with some friends I had met the year before, and trying to catch some waves. One of my friends said, that she couldn't touch the bottom of the ocean. I knew this was a bad sign, and I told her to grab my boogie Board, and I would pull her closer, so she could stand up in the water.

unfortunately, we were caught in the undertow, and out in the ocean very far. I suddenly couldn't touch the bottom either. We fought the ocean, for about five minutes, and then, a family member of my friend came out and saved us, just in time.

This gave Greentuna a scare. Later today she told me,

Greentuna: Water is the most dangerous thing on the earth. More dangerous than fire, and wind. This is because, if you are far out in the ocean, and you have nobody to save you, or are caught in the undertow, you are gone. Even grown-ups do it, if they are not paying attention.

My water adventure, taught me a lesson. The saying, "A day saved is a day earned" which I got from "A penny saved is a penny earned", I found is entirely wrong. I hope to never again encounter that ever. I was scared and I still am now.

Greentuna was happy I was still here to type this blog, and I was happy to. What a great first day of summer, this turned out to be.



leannwoo said...

I love TinyTuna! So glad you are safe and on dry land! Those currents can be dangerous!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy you are alive, too, TinyTuna--VERY HAPPY! FYI, Judy Hollister Wolpe, wife of former Congressman, Howard Wolpe, ex-wife of Mayor Dave Hollister, drowned in the ocean off the coast of Guatamala just a few days ago. Not only is the undertow strong in the ocean, but also on the Great Lakes, as Mr. PhotoTuna used to pontificate on. So I'm glad you learned an important lesson. Thanks for sharing your experience with the rest of us.


lifeonhold said...

That's quite a lesson, TT. I'm very glad you and your friend are safe. Enjoy the rest of summer without scaring your mom.