Thursday, January 08, 2009

And What's More...

First of all, there is not January thaw in the foreseeable future. Quite the contrary. Tonight? Snowing. Tomorrow? HooBoy! snowsnowSNOW! Anywhere from three to eight inches. Which, in reality means anywhere from none at all to a foot or more. Because as much as weather people like to study clouds and science and patterns and tell us exactly what for, when push comes to shove, they really don't have any more guarantee than Great Grandma Gertrude's aching bunion.

Today as I ventured north to teach my class, I must wasn't horrible outside. I would go so far as to say it was nice outside. And sunny. And pretty. And all the way north I thought to myself, "well, maybe this isn't so bad after all." But on the return trip, the closer I got to home, the duller, drabber and darker it got. My mood? Well that went right along for the ride. I think there is really something to the whole Seasonal Affective Disorder, although I have a hard time believing that sitting in front of a high-powered lightbulb is really the solution.

And, Hooray! I just got a "We're all going to DIE from the weather" email from my emergency email system. They provide good information but it is always sent in caps and has the aura of DEFCON 11 CODE RED. I mean, granted, I have been complaining long and loud lately about the snow, but deep down, I know it's just snow. Just. Snow. Shovels. Snowblowers. Or just stay inside for awhile. Just. Snow.

In other news I'm trying to come up with a way to be productive and not assume the fetal position for the next three months. My plan (that I just made 15 seconds ago) is to make a list with some achievable goals (no world peace this week, sorry) and then achieve them. My first goal is cull a minimum of two extra-large trash bags from the upstairs or downstairs. My second goal is to find a new recipe and cook it. My third goal is to do something creative that would count as exercise. My fourth goal is 30 minutes a day with a book in hand -- CONSCIOUS -- and reading it. My fifth goal is to get rid of the recycling, unless of course, my only method of leaving my house is via mush dog. These goals may sound way too easy, but let me assure you, if I can manage to achieve these goals, that's going to be a big one in the win column for me. We'll see how it goes.

And now, my last goal? In bed before midnight. And that hasn't happened in over a week. I think it's a bit overdue. So I'm off to find my book and a furry, purring foot-warmer.

Goodnight Internets. Stay warm.

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