Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here's a Surprise

(We had lots of snow today. In anticipation of the storm, I revved up the snowblower to get rid of last weeks offering. We had round two tonight. Tonight I'm very achy and cold.)

(Saturday wouldn't be Saturday without a trip to the grocery store.)

Bought it
Fought it
Roughed it
Stuffed it
(So what else do you do on a winter warning freeze-your-butt-off kind of day? Buy furniture. That you have to stuff in a car. That's too small so you have to make more than one trip. Maybe not one of my brightest ideas)

Pushed it
Squoooshed it
(It was awfully big and bulky but I shoved it in the house and started putting it together. Although it took me longer than I was planning, this is one well-made piece of furniture!)

Now bed
I'm dead
seeya tomorrow
she said.
(There aren't words for how tired I am. Just take my word for it. Cold and tired. Tired and cold. That's me)

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