Saturday, December 01, 2012

Surprises and Mysteries

We've hit December again. 

There is no surprise and no mystery to that statement.  Ready or not (usually not), it's THE SEASON.  Actually, right now it's lots of seasons.  According to the calendar it's still fall, although it has always seemed strange for it to be fall AND the month of December.  Compounding the confusion is the fact that it is so warm up here in the mitten right now, it feels more like early spring than late fall.  In the month of December.  If there was a Druid nearby it might be easier to get an official ruling, but in the meantime you can henge your bets and safely say it's some sort of season, meteorologically speaking. 

Yes, I've already made up a word and resorted to a Druid joke.  It's going to be a long month.

December is a month of competing interests and conflicting priorities.  Is it Silent Night or Rudolf?  Is it the season of giving or the season getting what your neighbor missed during the 3 AM Super Doorbuster Blowout?  Is it stocking the food bank or stockpiling the food?  Is it "the little Lord Jesus asleep in the hay" or "Hey! Good Lord....Jesus...still asleep?"

The answer is yes.  It's every one of those things.  It could be.  It might be.  Or maybe it might not be.  Maybe it's not all of those things.  Maybe it's not even any of those things. 

What December is is formed by countless activities influenced by society, tradition, religion, and seasonal consumerism, to name a few.  But what December could be is infinite.  This year, instead of swearing an impossible vow of abstinence from everything that is December, I'm hoping for a peaceful coexistence and a better balance between what is and what could be. 

Many years have taught me that what December is is shopping and concerts and commitments and an abundance of stress I am far too skilled at heaping on myself. But there has to be more.  The world is filled with mysteries and surprises and wonders and miracles.  But mysteries can be quiet and easy to miss.  Surprises are scary and best to be avoided.  Wonders live in strange, faraway lands, and miracles are fragile things, easily drowned in a wave of skepticism.

So this year, while I live the incredibly busy, insane December that is,  I hope to discover the quiet mind, the  brave heart and the adventurous spirit that will lead to a December of new possibilities.  I don't expect a complete life overhaul at the end of thirty-one days, but I'm going to set aside my skepticism.  After all,  despite being fragile, miracles do happen.


MissMeliss said...

I'm glad you're blogging again, even if it's only for Holidailies. I miss your writing voice, and hearing about your busy and interesting life.

Anonymous said...

It is such a joy to read your blog again. Thanks for the inspiration--I think I'll try on your kind of December--look for miracles and mysteries and surprises!!