Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Tuesday? Check
Teaching day? Check
Raining buckets? Check
Windy? Check
Weather Gods hate me? Check

Seriously. If it was nice weather, I'd probably stroke out. The rest of the week? Supposed to be nice, of course. I'm sure Thursday will somehow mange to become craptacular, just like today. For once, I'd like to commute on dry pavement.

I saw another skeleton on a horse last night. Brittney Spears got a Star on the Walk of Fame. Could someone please explain this to me? On second thought, I'm not sure I want to hear it. The next thing you know is they are going to give a star to this second Joe Millionaire dude. Yikes and then some. That show is a train wreck. No. It's a horse wreck. Bring back Hurricane. He was the best part of the show. Mercifully it all ends next week. With the BIG SURPRISE ENDING. And if you end up being surprised by the big surprise ending, well, I'll eat my cowboy boots.

So yes, after two hours of Huckleberry Millionaire, what do I watch? Average Joe. I should have my head examined. I should have read a book, or scrubbed my toilet, or done anything remotely useful. But no. TV Junkarama for me last night. I did have a fun time chatting last night with a friend as we played dueling gutters. Don't ask. It's better that way.

Banner ads continue to be weird. I don't have them in front of me, but I'll post some later. I do remember a couple this morning for weird toy-things (not those kind of toys, you pervs). One was a bendable guy, and the other was for some sort of cat bobble head. That sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen. Bendable guy, though? That has possibilities.

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