Friday, January 09, 2004


First of all, I said earlier this week that Big Brother 4 started up six months ago. Clearly, I cannot count. That being said, I've invited in the ghosts of Hamsters Past to entertain us through these long cold months of winter. Today's reading from the book of Hamster brings highlights from the first sixty minutes of the live feed, which began immediately after the first network show finished airing. How smart we were ... Even on day one.

6:00 pm The Live Network telecast ends -- live computer streams begin.

6:01 pm "I hate Dana's voice after 2.5 seconds" ~~ (Hwg)

6:06 pm Dana asks Jack "How long do you think we can take Scott?

6:06 pm Dana says she doesn't need to drink because she is "just a naturally, happy person."

6:12 pm The yellow chairs are called "fugly" (Hwg)

6:15 pm "I hate Alison's voice" ~~ (Rappy)

6:15 pm Justin punches Alison in the face when they play flirty-boxy games.

6:24 pm Amanda and Scott are fighting.

6:27 pm "I want Alison to go away" ~~ (Rappy)

6:41 pm "Robert is a tool, and is also hideous" ~~ (Rappy)

6:50 pm "I think Michelle is developmentally disabled or something" ~~ (Hwg)

6:55 pm "Oh my God, these people are boring..." ~~ (Hwg)

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