Monday, January 19, 2004

Meanwhile, in the wacky world of everything else, I ran across these tidbits:

Wired news reports today that ten Canadian postal workers are in a heap of trouble after refusing to deliver the mail in the -40F degree winter weather. Was cold weather in Canada a surprise to these people? The slackers were from Quebec, so maybe they're just being very French.
Put on another sock, Jacque, Get in the van, Dan, Just deliver the mail, Gail,
...and set yourself free.

Not to be outdone in international nuttiness, Government officials in Singapore have advised their citizens to act like a monkey. Yes, that's right. Monkey aping has been declared a civic duty, and it is believed that successful monkey business will cure Singapore's financial woes faster than you can say Charlton Heston.

You see, it's the Chinese year of the monkey. You may already know that love is patient and kind, but did you know that monkeys are clever, flexible, innovative and confident? Hey! Monkeys sound smarter than some people I know. The Deputy Prime Minister of Monkeys urged its citizens to be nimble and quick, but failed to mention whether or not jumping over candle-sticks was required or optional.

Mimicking Old McDonald's farm is not new for the mighty morphing Singapore citizenry. Last year, in the year of the sheep (known in Singapore as the year of the goat), citizens were urged to be sure-footed and able to move in a rocky environment. Next up in the Chinese Zodiac is the Rooster. I have to wonder how Singapore will coop with that one.
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