Thursday, January 08, 2004

It was so great to be back. Several of us were trading stories, most of which started with "do you remember when...?" I got to see a grownup movie, but somehow I don't think I'll be sharing any lines from Bad Santa with my coworkers tomorrow. An evening with Billy Bob was not my first choice, but MovieTuna said it was the one to see. Since it was his party, I let him choose. Surprisingly, I liked it. Sometimes you have to let go and trust.

After the movie -- more reminiscing. I just didn't want to leave. Finally, lots of sighing and hugging later, I walked through the glass doors for the last time. It's just a shame. This complex is twenty years old and the company has thrown it away. I understand that it is a dollars and cents kind of issue, but this building is in very good shape. Somehow because it isn't the newest building on the block, it is inferior and therefore worthless. It's a real shame, not to mention a waste of materials and resources.

Meanwhile, the GramTuna report said that while I was out being a grownup, TinyTuna was becoming increasingly perturbed that I was out. "Two hours is more than enough time to say Good-Bye. She should be back by now." Sheesh. It's a good thing she's not my parent -- I'd probably be grounded by now.

But I'm glad I went. Bad Santa was a good choice. MovieTuna was in fine form, but we agreed to never close down another theatre, because it sucks. It was a fun night, tinged with sadness. Bye theatres. You were the best.

And Cut.
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