Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I have reclaimed my office. TinyTuna has bundled up and trudged off to the car with Gram. What a trial! With enough movies and computer games to keep the twelve tribes of Israel busy, one might have hoped that TinyTuna would have made it longer than two hours and forty minutes before she sighed dramatically and whined, "there's nothing to do."

After lunch she fared better. As I blazed a trail to my workspace, I listened to forty-five minutes of *BOMP* *beeeeep* *ding!* from her Little Mermaid II computer game.

"Is that bothering you?" She asked, knowing full well what the answer would be.

"Well, kind of," I answered. (Translated: "Is there a game where you can kill her?") "Are you almost done?"

"Almost." (Translated: "Not until you pry this keyboard out of my hands.")

And around and around we went. Finally Gram decided to bail. "You're going too!" I said as I practically pushed her out the door.

"Do I have to take my backpack?" She asked pathetically. (Translated: "You're not going to make me carry this heavy old backpack all the way to the car are you? I'm just a poor helpless child....")

"Yes, indeed, " I shot back. (Translated: "I told you this morning, whatever you bring to do, you carry yourself. Insert lecture #579 entitled "I am not your donkey".....")

"Oh." (Translated: "Damn")

So, off they went, and here I sit in peace and quiet once again. Except now it's time to go home and shovel. (Translated: "Damn.")
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