Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Is it possible to have cabin fever on the seventh day of January? I don't think it's cabin fever, necessarily, but I think it is utter, absolute and terminal boredom. In my office I have two calendar pictures. One is from an old Demotivators Calendar and the other was an Edward Gorey calendar, whose page reads "N is for Neville, who died of ennui."

Don't call me Ishmael. I be Neville.

I did have one thought earlier this morning, which will tell you just how wonky my brain is today. If the wind-surfing penguins got knocked off their board by an Arctic blast, would they be, in effect, flipping me the bird?

Wait. Don't leave!

I had a thought to get me through the cold, dark winter months. Six month ago tomorrow BB4 danced into our lives, computers and television screens. We were SO excited (Little did we know). Starting tomorrow, I'm going to revisit the hallowed halls of the HamsterTime recap pages and bring you a little "this moment in time" segment.

Here's a tidbit from days gone by....
Jun tells everyone to pick a fruit with two syllables. Jee immediately says "banana." Ali cracks up and yells that it's supposed to be in English. Someone else suggests Pe-each. Rocket scientists. Each and every one of them. They appear to be playing some rooty tooty frooty version of the name game, where you pat-pat snap-snap and then say the name of a fruit and it gets passed around. The Hamsters start and manage to do it correctly exactly zero times. The fruity name game dies an instantaneous and gory death....
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