Saturday, January 14, 2006


Tonight at Casa de Tuna we celebrated another birthday. After dinner and dessert, my six-year old nephew was telling me about watching Mrs. Doubtfire on TV last night.

"And it was so funny! He dressed up like a lady and wore a dress and pantyho and everything!"

"He wore a dress and WHAT?" I asked, wanting to hear it again.

"Pantyho," my nephew replied.

His mom started laughing and we guessed "pantyho" was the singular form of "pantyhose". I didn't find this unusual, since TinyTuna used "clo" as a singular form of "clothes" and spoke often of her "pant-sleeve" instead of her "pant-leg."

When my nephew figured out we were laughing at his expense, he got all uppity as only a first grader can get.

"What's the matter with that?" He asked, as he stood to give a demonstration. Reaching down to his toe as if he were going to put on a pair of No-Nonsense he said,

"First you put on the panty...."

and then performing a viscious two handed yank as if his imaginary pair was several sizes too small, he added,

"then you PULL UP THE HO."

"I smell a blog entry," GramTuna laughed.

"You got that right. Thanks for the writing material little buddy."

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