Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sixty Minute Warning

If I would have know that TWO STUDENTS IN A ROW WERE NOT GOING TO SHOW UP I could have:

1. Gotten up and walked around.
2. Had lunch in a leisurely manner, meaning something longer than 90 seconds.
3. Posted.
4. Finished my three or four other posts that are currently saved as draft.
5. Posted.
6. Done anything constructive.
7. Gotten up and walked around some more.
8. Gone to the bathroom.
9. Got another Diet Coke to get me through the afternoon.
10. Napped.
11. Practiced.
12. Not wasted an hour wondering when and if anybody might show up.

Students. You can't live with 'em. You can't kill 'em.
But you CAN flunk 'em.

Bwah ha and ha.


Sarah said...

you sure about being able to flunk 'em, o evil (hungry and thirsty) tuna?

David said...

glad your evil laugh is stil working!