Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Procrastination Nation

If they handed out gold medals for the best intentions with the least perceptible results, I'd win by a landslide. Counting the number of posts I have sitting half-finished in the draft bin, I should start a new WIP site (works in progress). Take it from me, there is some good stuff in there. Now, if I only had the time to finish some of them...

Blog Olympics? I lost. No big surprise. One gold medal, lots of silvers. One "did not participate" because in my haze I printed preview in the comments and not post so it never showed up for real. Doh.

I'm one Friday Feast, one Unconscious Mutterings and two fabulous weekend stories behind. I won't vouch for the memes (it seems silly to post them so far after the deadline), but I Girl Scout Promise I'll post the other two.

Meanwhile, the Oscar Nominations are out. I'll be hosting an online pool again (the site said it would be up by Friday) so get ready to consult your ouiji board. Of the Best Picture nominations I've seen exactly one (Crash), because I joined Netflix, also known as the only way GreenTuna will ever manage to see a grownup movie. Where movie-watching is concerned, I'm a wee bit behind.

I'm off to resume teaching. In the meanwhile, talk amongst yourselves. I'll be back.

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Jake Silver said...

You've done the same thing... I only get movies from www.Blockbuster.com and Crash is the only one I've seen.