Monday, January 09, 2006


Today TinyTuna had a Social Studies assignment. She was supposed to interview a member of her family and write down a family custom or tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.

She read the instructions to me with all her usual dramatic flair, and then...waited. And waited. And waited. Part desperation and part inspiration, I suggested, "Let's go talk to Gram!"

And off we went.

TinyTuna read the instruction again with all her usual dramatic flair, and then...waited. I looked at Gram. Gram looked at TinyTuna. TinyTuna looked at me.

And then we all started laughing.

After our brainstorming session, we determined our family traditions are either too boring, embarrassing or fictional to share. Somehow I don't there is much to learn about culture by sharing our family tradition "When leaving to go on vacation, no sandwiches until the expressway."

1 comment:

mensch71 said...

1) Rotten Fruit Cookies
2) "Shrubbery" as amusement
3) The Dismal Swamp Tour
4) Gram Tuna saying "Culpepper" over and over and over until I have to pee