Thursday, January 05, 2006

Letters from the Front

I know this is where I win the bad mother of the year award, but I just can't help it. Yesterday's missive from TinyTuna:
Subject: A BAD DAY

Today was an interesting day. It began at lunch when I found out the menu lied and their was popcorn chicken. I got a chicken sandwich and some flies, I hope that was OK. Then After school I found I had left my notebook in the math room. I opened it and I found scribbles on it that said C sucks and it is ruined all the way. Luckily it was in pencil so I can erase it clear off. I took the math test today and I didn't finish so I am going to finish tomorrow.

I love you and I will talk to you about these events on the way to choir.

Love and Anger

TinyTuna (Sourpuss)

Damn. That's one bad day.

I teased her a little bit about eating flies instead of fries, but by this time the BAD DAY seemed to have worn off and she was back to her regular self.

And now, dear Internets, I must return to my desk that runneth over with job security.

Love and Anger

Greentuna (Sourpuss)


lifeonhold said...

I love the "love and anger" salutation.

Sarah said...

Me too. It sums up the situation quite nicely.

Their was popcorn chicken got my attention too. I wondered if "menu" or "offering" was to be inserted and forgotten in the frustracion of "C" sucs. Back to the salt mines....