Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Fine Art of Procrastination

For all of you who shopped early so you'd have all sorts of time right about now to bake cookies and drink hot chocolate and celebrate the holidays inside your warm and cozy home, I'd like to say thank you.

On behalf of all of us who starting our shopping on the I've-lost-count-consecutive-number-of-days-it-has-snowed which also happens to be two days before Christmas, I'd like to say thank you. Because of your supreme organization there were fewer cars on the snow-covered roads. Because of your mad skillz at juggling family and calendar, you weren't clogging up various local stores with questions about bookmarks, honey scrubs and wheelbarrows. In other words, because of you, we were able to procrastinate in style like the pros do.

Tomorrow, though, is back to business. There are cookies and more cookies and more cookies and more cookies to bake. Undoubtedly there will be one last frantic dash to the grocery store. Lastly, there will be the late-night pilgrimage to church on an evening so chilly, you wonder why The Baby G couldn't have had better planning and swung something like "Christmas in Miami in June."

But in the meantime, for the shopped and the plain old shopped out -- time to crawl into bed and get warm. It's getting down to the wire, and after all, tomorrow is another day.

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