Friday, December 26, 2008

I Think It's Going to Rain Today

Today's blog post is brought to you by rain, which was all I saw today, in a variety of formats.

1. Freezing
Say no, no, no to Michigan! Oh how fun it is to ride 20 mph on the freeway. On the plus side, driving slowly makes it much easier to count the cars and trucks in the ditch. We ran out of fingers and toes early in that exercise. The final total: one hell of a lot, and thankfully not a single one of them was me.

2. Incessant
Thanks Ohio. It just never stopped. Oh, it would slow occasionally, but that was just to take a breath before it started in again.

3. Torrential
Just the thing to make the Pennsylvania turnpike more interesting. A three hour downpour on a pitch black highways chock full of construction, UPS trucks that are obviously behind and determined to make up time, and what else was there? Oh yeah. MOUNTAINS.

4. Just around the corner
Maryland was a tease. It would be dry and then it would start up again and then dry up once more. By now, I simply was not amused. It stopped for the last half-hour or so, which was pleasant, but wouldn't you know it? It started again just as we were unpacking the car.

What will tomorrow bring? Word has it unseasonably warm weather. Let's just hope there is some dry to go with the warm.

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