Monday, December 22, 2008

Weighing My Options

If you ever wonder how badly I do NOT want to do something, check and see what I'm doing instead.

If I'm napping -- I probably want to do it, but figure I can do it later, better, and happier with an introductory nap.

If I'm complaining -- I'd rather not do it, but I will feel better once I vent my spleen, and then, somewhat less grumpily I'll get around to doing it.

If I'm online -- I don't want to do it, and I'll use email, CNN news alerts, Weather WE'RE GOING TO DIE notifications and obsessive tidying of the spam folder as excuses. I'll probably get around to it later, if I don't revert to napping or complaining.

If I'm practicing -- This is a sign of something fishy going on. I tend to not practice for anything, so real, live practicing means I have gig. Probably tomorrow. Or later today. Whatever it is, customary singing protocol means there shall be NO other activities, so thankfully I won't have to do whatever it is I really had no intention of doing anyway.

If I'm cleaning -- things are looking grim, and I mean in addition to the house, which often looks grim. Cleaning is the ultimate procrastination activity. The reason is simple: cleaning is always desperately needed, so there is no arguing that it not be as important as the unwanted task at hand. Cleaning can be be done lightning quick or Southern Mississippi in August slow. If you're skilled enough, cleaning will outlast any reasonable window of opportunity for unwanted activities.

If I'm painting -- I've lost the will to outwit the unwanted task. Painting is the "volcano" in rock-paper-scissors and can only be attempted a small number of times over the course of one's lifetime. The good news here is the result of this drastic option is four beautiful walls, which makes the painty-procrastination seem worth it. Of course, it's not, but before I admit to failure, let me take a quick nap.

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