Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Strike That

Today TeenTuna paid an arm and a leg and ventured into Washington DC. We took our lives into our hands drove to BFE the closest Metro Station and headed with the rest of the free world to the National Mall.

We wanted to go to The Sea of Humanity Museum of American History. There was a ridiculously long line to get in the door because we had to pass through metal detectors and have our bags searched. Once inside it was insane insane. There were roped off queues leading to exhibits that we couldn't see. We decided it wasn't worth my sanity the time to wait in line to see the ruby slippers or the inaugural gowns of the first ladies. Even the exhibits we did slow down to a rapid walking speed see were so crowded there wasn't much of an opportunity to read anything or get within spitting distance to care ponder its significance. We topped off the Museum of I'm pretty sure the lines at Cedar Point are shorter than this line to see the Star Spangled Banner American History by escaping going outside and enjoying the beautiful weather.

After that questionably educational experience, we hopped back on the Metro and made our way over to Pentagon City to prop up the economy window shop. The place is freaking huge and what it so freakishly unbelievable is that in this unbelievably huge complex mall which encompasses four stories, there isn't a single bookstore. But we dragged ourselves walked around and found a couple of nice things for TeenTuna, who was both ecstatic non-nonchalantly pleased and appreciative.

Finally we decided to amputate our feet head home because we were like the walking dead tired. We hopped a Metro, made it back to the car and headed home. The last day of a long LONG week away. Tomorrow? Please God, give me a 24-hour break in the weather department Home.

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Anonymous said...

There is no bookstore inside the Fashion Center at Pengago City, but there is a Border's right across Hayes Street.