Thursday, September 30, 2004

No Can Do

Things I WILL NOT be doing today:

1. Hearing Michael Moore speak at TunaU. I got two free tickets (they were free anyway, but I scored some tickets), but I cannot go because I'm teaching up north today. Doh. GramTuna gets the goods. She said she would "represent" (hee. She really said that!)

2. Anything productive for the next 17 minutes while I sit here trying to decide if my student who is now 10 minutes late is going to show up or not. He gets 5 more minutes and then I'm bolting for the copy machine to kill a few trees.

3. Forgetting to do something about my Survivor fantasy pick. I grabbed four random people last week, but I have no clue if they are who I really want to carry into the game tonight. I must not forget my picks.... I must not forget my picks... I must not forget my picks.... (I'll forget. I know it)

4. Purchasing enough legal stimulants or depressants to make it through the Presidential debates tonight. I just about had a stroke watching Dr. Phil perform an hour-long lip implant on Shrub's butt yesterday afternoon. Bleah.

5. Waiting any longer for my student. He snoozes...he loses.

1 comment:

TV Junkie said...

Hey! Your ads are back! (And in a weird spot, too.) Go GramTuna! I actually like Moore .. he's quite a different person when you get to talk to him without all the hoopla, bullshit.

Oh. And don't forget your Survivor picks. umkay?