Monday, September 27, 2004


Speaking of lists from which I need to remove myself: sent me an email last week (LAST WEEK) with the title: Plan Your Costume Now.

Oh. No. You. Don't.

I don't have to start that nonsense yet. Yes, I know the Halloween Candy has been out for weeks, and the harvest of plastic pumpkin pails has been plentiful indeed. No longer are the beautiful colors of autumn leaves a sign that fall has truly arrived. Now you need only to look for that transformation of empty storefronts as they magically become a seasonal Halloween U.S.A. extravaganza.

Doesn't it look like an extravaganza?

Nice. Key.

So listen up Mr. Pusher of Halloween Treats and other costly paraphernalia. MY calendar says I have over a month before the dreaded day. I need every possible second so my be a a a pirate mantra can have a chance to work. This year, it just might. After all, TinyTuna already has the hat.

Ye shall NOT be a princess!

Ye shall NOT be a princess!

Ye shall NOT be a princess!


1 comment:

TV Junkie said...

Arrrrgh, Lassie. Ye shall be a PIRATE, arrrrggghhhh...