Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday Feast

Friday Feast is Served. Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy

Appetizer : Which keys do you have on your key chain?
The correct question should read, which keys DON'T you have on your key chain? Or, of all the keys on your key chain, how many of them are mystery keys and how many of them unlock things you no longer own?

21 total keys- 8 of which are college keys (3 of those are mystery keys)
- 5 house keys (2 of those are duplicates)
- 3 car keys
- 5 mystery keys (2 of those I think go to bike locks which I think I still have)

Now, I can hear many of you thinking, but why on earth do you carry all those keys? The answer, my dear friends, is easy. The more keys I have, the less likely I am to lose them. But the rumors that I have one of those janitor "keys on a retractable wire" deals is entirely untrue.

Soup: What is the most spontaneous thing you've ever done?
Assuming that spontaneity is something that you choose rather than something that has been forced upon you (see: "Dessert"), the most spontaneous thing that I can remember doing was taking a whirlwind weekend vacation when I was singing and auditioning in Europe. Having a free weekend, very little cash and a Eurail pass, I decided I would take a travel weekend. The only rule was, I had to travel in the train overnight, because I had no money for a hotel or hostel. My weekend ended up being: Leave Vienna and travel to Munich. Spend the day in Munich. Leave Munich and travel to Paris. Spend the day in Paris. Leave Paris and travel to Rome. Spend the day in Rome. Leave Rome and travel back to Munich. Spend the day in Munich. Leave Munich and travel back to Vienna. Collapse and return to sleeping on the floor of a studio apartment. Added bonuses of my whirlwind weekend:
  • Going to Oktoberfest.
  • Not remembering a single word of French when I went to Paris, and actually speaking German instead until I realized how stupid I was.
  • Having the best meal ever in Rome, finally being warm for the first time in two months, and wandering around the Roman Forum trying to figure out which pile of rocks was which
  • Going to Oktoberfest AGAIN. On the last day. With everybody else in Europe.
  • Getting robbed in the train on my way home.

Salad: Who is the best Cook in your family?

Trick question! We all are! But I would say, TinyTuna has the best costume. Errr....apron.

Main Course: If you were to write a "how-to" book, what would the title be?
"Higher, Faster Louder. How-to release the inner Diva in You"

Dessert: Name A Recent Fad You've Tried
Isn't blogging supposed to be the newest fad in town?


Lora said...

Oooooo, I love your soup. I've always wanted to grunge it around Europe.

Michael said...

Blogging is not a fad. It's a Lifestyle! ;)