Friday, April 22, 2005

Nubbin Watch

It is the time of year that GramTuna, TinyTuna and I take to watching the dirt.

It's nubbin season.

Nubbins are Tuna terminology for new garden growth. And after a long (L-O-N-G) winter with lots of snow, there is nothing better than clearing away the dead leaves and searching for nubbins. Nubbins mean growth and renewal. Nubbins mean we made it. Nubbins mean spring is finally here.

Just knowing that nubbin season is around the corner is enough to make me giddy. When we were in New York, GramTuna and I spent several hours at the Staten Island Botanical Garden. Located between the water and an urban area best described as GET OUT -- the grounds consist of several different themed gardens, such as:

We imagined that the Botanical Garden was quite a magnificent place. But we could only imagine, because we saw nothing. No roses. No peonies. No shade flowers. No water in the pond. Nothing. We walked around for about three hours and looked at dirt.

And we had a ball.

Even with nothing blooming, it was inspirational. We stood by a construction fence and looked down at the future site of The Garden of Healing, constructed in tribute to those lost in the tragedy of 9/11. Right now there isn't much to see: it's just a winding path and a lot of mud. Someday it will be trees and flowers and things that grow; a quiet sanctuary for those searching for peace and healing.

Watching dirt and searching for nubbins may not seem like much, but after waiting for so long, when you finally find one, it instantly erases all the long, dark, cold nights of winter. We don't have to see the flower. The nubbin is promise enough.

Yesterday, a special nubbin finally made its appearance. We've been looking and waiting for this one for a very, very long time. Some nubbins cannot be rushed, and this one, like so many others, was no different. But now that it's here, the difficulty of waiting doesn't seem to matter anymore. Finding a nubbin means we don't have to look at the dirt anymore. The promise has been fulfilled and life has started again.

Dear little TunaSan, you're almost one day old.
I am told you are peaceful and noble.
Although I haven't seen this littlest nubbin yet,
I know it is a beautiful and priceless addition to the garden.
Welcome to our family.

Auntie GreenTuna

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