Monday, October 24, 2005

Boy, Oh Boy

Conversation held a couple weeks ago as I made vet appointments for the kittens:
Vet Phone Type Person: OK, let me get the information on your kittens. Let's start with the little girl. What is her name?
GreenTuna: Well...that depends. What is her name or what do we call her?
Vet Phone Type Person: Whatever you'd like me to write on her chart.
GreenTuna: Ok. Her name is Gabby. Short for Gabriella. Also known as Gabriella Shmabriella. Or Gabby Doodle.
Vet Phone Type Person: Ok. Gabby. And the boy?
GreenTuna: His name is Milo. Short for Milo. Or, Milo-Pilo. Or, Hey! Get Down NOW!
Vet Phone Type Person: Or, Bad Kitty!?
GreenTuna: He's not bad. Just insane.

Conversation held on Friday at the Vet's Office
Slightly weirdo vet: Well, Gabby is a very cute little girl. And she is in very good shape. (Puts her down) OK, now for the other one.
GreenTuna: This is Milo.
Slightly weirdo vet: Hello Milo! Awww...Milo is a very pretty girl.
TinyTuna: WHAT?
GramTuna: HA!
GreenTuna: Crap.
TinyTuna: (reprimanding) MILO!
GreenTuna: Well, it's not like it's his fault.
GramTuna: Her fault.
GreenTuna: Milo, Milo, Milo.
TinyTuna: We have to change his name.
GramTuna: Her name.
GreenTuna: It's staying the same.
Tinytuna: We can't call a girl MILO.
GreenTuna: Sure we can.
GramTuna: How about Mi-LA?
TinyTuna: Mila! I like it! He likes it too!
GreenTuna: She.
TinyTuna: Oh yeah. She.

And so, we bid a fond farewell to Milo, brother of Gabby, and welcome Gabby's sister, Mila.
Also known as Mila-Pila.
Or, MiLoLa.
Or, Hey, Get down NOW!

It still works.


lifeonhold said...

Kittens?! Tuna's got KITTENS?! When did that happen? Did I miss that blog entry?

Where are the PICTURES?

Hammie said...

Yeah, that happened to me too. Mouse was a girl until puberty hit and dangly bits became apparent. A very big surprise.

I like Hey Get Down Now as a name though. Very original!

Jay Ann Cox, PhD said...

I'm going to be humming "Mila, M-I-L-A, Mila, my my my my MI-Laaaaa... I met her in a bar down in Old Soho, ya drink champagne it tastes just like cherry c..."

And there the lyrics play must stop. I def. would have changed the changeling's name to Lola.