Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday's Feast

It's almost lunchtime! Time for a Friday's Feast.

Appetizer: Name 3 qualities that are important to you in a friendship
First of all, a friend has to have amazing skills, like Super Spidey Sense, Invisibility and the ability to Hulk-Smash annoying people.
Secondly, a friend has to be like the three wise men, and should bring offerings of a carbonated beverage, a mock-worthy magazine and the latest gossip.
Finally, a friend has to skilled in tin-foil art (see: Halloween, Oscars)

Soup: If you could dream about anything tonight, what would the subject matter be?
Seriously, if I could take control of my dreams, I'd tell them to take a hike for a week or three. I'd dream about NOTHING, and then maybe I'd get a good night sleep.

Salad: Do you usually make an effort to personally thank people who do favors for you?
There is a critical distinction in this question: make an effort. My problem is I make an effort, but it often doesn't translate from the think-method to the do-method. Ergo, my answer is: nowhere near as often as I should. Thanks for giving me the guilts, Friday Feast.

Main Course: If you had to go out of town for an extended period of time, who would you trust to take care of your home and your belongings?
I try to parcel out these tasks. Fabio goes to Bunny Camp at BSTuna's house. Friends and/or family watch the house and get stuck with the mundane chores like watering the lawn and enduring the grumpy neighbor. Now that I have two furry toddlers, we'll have to figure out how to include them in the mix next time we're out and about.

Dessert: How do you react to practical jokes when they're played on you?
Start plotting retaliation immediately, remembering the old adage that says revenge is a dish best served cold.
Or so Flat Fabio has told me....

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