Sunday, October 02, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

Let's see how well I mutter after just waking up.

I say ... And You Think:

1. Quaint :: Cute

2. Rind :: Orange

3. Disease :: Sickness

4. Queer :: Strange

5. Pork :: Rind

6. Soaked :: Wet

7. Skeleton :: Bones

8. Mold :: YUCK

9. Finished :: Over

10. Buffalo :: Gals won't you come out tonight?

Lord. Normally I would never associate "Pork" with "Rind" if the word "Rind" hadn't just appeared. I've had them exactly once, and honestly, I don't understand the appeal. They just taste like deep fried air. It's the strangest thing.

Speaking of Skeletons, we saw Corpse Bride yesterday. It was good. It was odd, but good. Tim Burton created such a wonderful, stylized world. I've decided I like Johnny Depp much better as a voice-over than as an onscreen character (Willy Wonka, anyone?).

Finally, what exactly IS a Buffalo Gal? Is it a geographical statement or some sort of personal slam? The song seems awfully jolly to be mean, but you never know. Must be time for research...

Don't forget -- you too can mutter along HERE.


Jay Ann Cox, PhD said...

Pork rinds... them's good.

I saw the Willy Wonka movie today. I loved it. (Second time). He is so odd, funny... there were some jokes in it like references to the musical, to Edward Scissorhands, etc. Depp is def. growing on me.

Hey the word verification for me was WOGLUS! I love it!

Anonymous said...

1. Quaint :: Poor
2. Rind :: -erpest (Cattle disease)
3. Disease :: Plague
4. Queer :: as Folk
5. Pork :: Trichinosis
6. Soaked :: dripping
7. Skeleton :: frame
8. Mold :: spores
9. Finished :: dead
10. Buffalo :: brucellosis

Yep, it's the Brad's Animal Disease Edition!

Anonymous said...

I say ... and you think ... ?

Quaint:: cottage
Rind:: fruit
Disease:: cancer
Queer:: eye
Pork:: pulled
Soaked:: towel
Skeleton:: science
Mold:: sick
Finished:: finally
Buffalo:: wings