Sunday, October 29, 2006

Child of Technology

As I was standing out in the hall of ScottishU tonight, waiting to go on stage and sing on a benefit concert, I spent a great deal of time looking at the office door of the head of the dance department. It was filled with countless pictures of dancers in all sorts of poses unattainable by normal people. On the metal window frame, I noticed several magnets with inspirational sayings. One caught my eye, because it was similar looking to one I have in my office. My office magnet reads, "My barn having burned down; I can now see the moon." Despite being a child of suburbia and not possessing a barn, the message was still somehow appealing. Instead of a barn, I envisioned my office burning down, but then through the ashes of charred clutter I saw the unemployment line rather than the moon, so I thought twice of the whole mess. Still in all, the magnet sits on my file cabinet, basking in its psychological self-help glow.

The magnet I saw tonight had a different message. Tagged as a Zen Saying, it read: "Leap and then the net will appear."

I looked at that, and then looked again. I looked a third time and screwed up my face a little. Since when were there Zen sayings about the Internet? And since when is leaping and the Internet related in any way?

Then it suddenly dawned on my stupid, technological self. The Net, Not the Internet, stupid. The net, as in something that will become outstretched and save you from falling and going splat. In other words, have faith and don't be afraid to try. Once you leap, there will be something to catch you.

Think I need a Magnets for Dummies book, because I am one.
Dummy, that is.

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lifeonhold said...

I think it works great for the Internets too. There is always a 404 Message to catch errant leapers.