Monday, October 09, 2006


Today's horror,
or why I hate Halloween,
courtesy of our friends at Target

You should check out his naughty librarian costume. Includes a navy blue dress with screen-printed skirt, attached tulle petticoat, shawl, rhinestone glasses and removable "Naughty Librarian" badge. Pearl necklace not included. 100% polyester.

What is the point of the removable badge? Does it hold the rest of the costume together? What about that mop of hair? It's not a wig?? And, if I have to wait until Halloween, what am I going to wear the rest of the month?

Oh, yeah. THIS:


lifeonhold said...

Some "designer" was shushed too many times, I think.

nlk said...



rolling on the floor peeing myself laughing

quit making me pee myself gt!!!