Monday, October 02, 2006

Get A Clue

Yesterday afternoon, after sitting/napping through Open Season (MPF!), Scout, TinyTuna and I returned home to catch a little TV and play a couple of games. Since there were three of us, TinyTuna begged her way into a game of Clue. Scout hadn't played Clue in forever, so we had to give him a quick refresher course on the basic rules.

Based on cards dealt, you have to figure out by process of elimination which cards are in the secret envelope that reveal who did it, in what room, and with what weapon. As you are eliminating possibilities, you announce your suspicion. When you think you have it right, you make an accusation and look at the cards in the envelope. If you're right, you win, but if you're wrong, you're out of the game (because you've seen the correct answers).

As returning beginner's luck would have it, Scout managed to win the game. He tried to make TinyTuna feel better by goshing his way through the GreenTuna's mandatory house rule of shaking hands and saying good game.

"I can't believe I won!" he said. "Last time I played this I think I got all excited, guessed too early and lost the game!"

I took one look at him, covered my mouth and fell over into hysterics.

"What? Why is that funny?"

My eyes flew open wide, I stared at him again and through my hysterics I hissed, "I can't say it in front certain people!"

Still not understanding, he looked at me and said, "It's funny that I lost?"

I grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him down so his ear was nearby. Still shaking with laughter I whispered, "I didn't realize you suffered from premature accusation!"

It took Scout awhile to regain his composure. TinyTuna was none the wiser, and proceeded to beat both of us at Sorry. As for me, no one should be surprised to learn that I single-handedly managed to turn a lovely Norman Rockwell bonding moment into something straight out of South Park.

In the Living Room
With the Double Entendre


nk said...

nancy k
at her writing desk
peeing herself with laughter

MissMeliss said...

in the bedroom
with her Vaio...

I haven't played CLUE since I was a kid - I used to love that game. We turned it into a quasi-roleplaying experience - whomever was Miss Scarlet used a Southern accent, etc.

TV Junkie said...

Uh. I've never played Clue, so I can't leave a witty response. But I still laughed at the post! I swear! *crosses heart*

Bozoette said...

Now I have to figure out a way to get the Coca-Cola that I just spewed out of my keyboard...