Monday, November 17, 2008

Let's Hear it for the Twirl

The good news is TeenTuna has good taste in clothes and doesn't like "hoochie-wear."
The bad news TeenTuna has good taste in clothes and doesn't like "hoochie-wear."

Hoochie-wear is considerably cheaper, because, I think the fabric consists of NOTHING that comes from nature. You could probably melt down a closet of hoochie-wear and re-fashion an enormous Hello Kitty idol and a complete set of season two Hannah Montana DVDs. Not that Hannah Montana is hoochie. I'm just using her astounding celebrity for illustrative purposes. As it should be.

Nice clothes -- not insanely expensive, just age-appropriate that cover all age-appropriate body parts -- can be difficult to find. It's tough when you're not built like a waif, because body-hugging clothes look awful if you aren't built like a walking stick. So, when we find something (which tends to be not all that often) we tend to pounce.

a walking stick ready to pounce just to help me make a point.

Tonight we pounced.

So the child has several new options for school -- some dressier and some a bit more casual and jeans-worthy. She also scored a new Christmas/Party dress that, with its lower-cut bodice and full twirly skirt manages to appeal both to her grownup and four-year-old sensibilities. Toss in a couple of pairs of earrings and she's ready to have some awesome new clothes for High School tomorrow. I'm told often and in very small words and loud voice that it's important. Funny, I guess I already knew that because 1. I already attended high school, and, 2. I don't live in a cave.

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Anonymous said...

Is that the new dress? Because THAT is faboo! Where was that when I was in high school? Or now?!