Sunday, November 02, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And You Think:

1. In Love :: Shakespeare

2. Be My Guest :: Beauty & the Beast

3. Number One :: Star Trek, The Next Generation

4. Swallowed Whole :: Jonah

5. 50 percent :: Half

6. Made in :: China

7. Supplement :: Vitamin

8. Right For :: Appropriate

9. Endless :: Love

10. Ceramic :: Cat

Well, well, well. This is what I get for being away from this weekly exercise for awhile. Several popular culture references, one Bible story for redemption, and a ceramic cat. Some of them I think I can offer plausible excuses: TeenTuna is studying Romeo and Juliet in school, and asked about the movie "Shakespeare in Love." A local high school is putting on "Beauty and the Beast" and I drive past the sign several times a week. Star Trek, Next Generation? Well, Jonathan Frakes ("Number One") was definitely easy on the eyes, back in the day.

I have nothing but an apology to offer in regards to the treacly Lionel Richie - Diana Ross duet.

And last but not least, I do not own a ceramic cat.
No wait. I think I do.

I think my unconscious mutterings are telling me my unconscious is tired and needs sleep.
More tomorrow for NaBloPoMo.

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