Friday, February 24, 2006

A Story of Joy

(annotated by GreenTuna)

Hello! Tinytuna here again. I come to you with a different story tonight. A story of joy, and love. But may I remind you that this is not a novel of romance. I come to you with two latest stories of things that have happened to me earlier in the year.
( the past two weeks)

1. The first story I am going to tell you, includes a dinner, friends, and a heartbreaking answer. The choir that I am in, The MSU Children's Choir, was nominated for TWO Grammy Awards in January. Anyone from the choir was invited to come to a dinner to hear the answer of a lifetime. The reaction to this answer was superb. It was announced that the MSUCC, had won BOTH the Grammys!!!! Me and my friends went crazy! Everybody had tears, and there were hugs and "Congratulations!" spreading everywhere.
(No kidding. An 11-year old Grammy award winner. Sheesh!)

2. The second story I am going to tell you includes Broadway. Way back in December, we learned that 20 children from the choir, were going to be in the Broadway musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Everyone was longing for this opportunity. We didn't find out until February 21st. Among the children, I was one of them!!!!!
(Not surprisingly, she was WAY more excited about Joseph than the Grammy. Priorities, you know. And FYI, the Joseph for this touring company is Patrick Cassidy (Hardy Boy #2) and the narrator is Amy whats-her-name from American Idol Season 1)

That is all the news for the night. I bid you adue!!
(To yue and yue and yue!)


Kryianna said...

Wow! Congradjubiliations! We're all so proud of you, TinyTuna!

When will the schedule for the show be posted, and when can we buy tickets?

lifeonhold said...

Wow, TinyTuna! What a great way to start things off in 2006. You are living an outstanding (and no doubt hardworking) life. Keep up the good work, and enjoy it!

TV Junkie said...

Yoooge congrats to Tiny Toona! That's some big news, girlie.

Angel said...

That is SO amazingly COOL! Congratulations Tiny Tuna!!! And congrats to your mom as well :)