Monday, February 13, 2006

Tea and Sympathy

So much for no plague.

I've been out -- CAPS LOCK BOLD LEANED OVER MINCIUS PIEVAL MAXIMUS -- OUT since last Sunday. It started with vague tickles and throat clearings on Saturday, and by Sunday I was sick as a dog. Or a Tuna.

This fun lasted Superbowl Sunday,
Don't go to work Monday,
Don't go teach on Tuesday,
Attempt to work on Wednesday and fail miserably after three hours,
Sure as hell don't go teach on Thursday,
Go to the doctor on Friday and spend the rest of the day procuring generic-cillan,
Do very little on Saturday,
Hack through church on Sunday.
And now it's Monday again.

I went to work today, partially because after awhile I get absolutely stir crazy sitting around doing nothing, and partially because I feared what my office might look like (answer: bad). Sadly, the generic-cillan appears to be doing me no good whatsoever, so I'm guessing the plague is viral and I'm just stuck with it until it decides to go play somewhere else.

Despite my sloth-like demeanor over the past week, there has been a lot going on lately which requires my unsolicited 2-cents. But tonight, I'm going to finish watching tonight's episode of Winter Olympics General Hospital. So far? Skeleton sledder crashes and takes two additional turns while being dragged, unconscious, behind her sled, and then is airlifted to the hospital; American Woman skier crashes and is airlifted to the hospital; "Grandma Luge" suffers a broken wrist; Michelle Kwan pulls out of the Olympics and NBC officials sob at the thought of losing their Queen of Hype; Chinese Figure Skating Pair attempts a quadruple axel throw toss flip thing, and the female skater lands the jump -- if you want to call it that -- on the other side of the rink ON HER KNEES.

In non-injurious Olympic News:
1. "The Flying Tomato" is one SAD nickname.
2. Olympic puns in newspaper headlines (OhNo! Ohno Falls!) should be banned.
3. The Olympic medals look like giant doughnuts.

Time to put the plague to bed.


nk said...

oy! hope you are soon on the mend!

leannwoo said...

Be careful GT. I had the crud for three weeks. It turned out to be bronchitis and a severe sinus infection. I had to go through two antibiotics before it got better. This is some tough stuff going around.

Sarah said...

Good to hear from you again, Green Tuna. I was beginning to wonder if you had abandoned us completely, but now I find that you have been invaded by the creeping crawling crud. So sorry. Hope you're 100% soon!