Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday's Feast

It's been awhile, but what the hey... Let's Feast!

(with additional answers by TinyTuna)

Appetizer: If you were a color, what color would you be, and why?
Let's See....
Greentuna thinks.
Greentuna thinks.
Greentuna thinks.
Greentuna thinks.
Greentuna thinks.
Greentuna thinks.
I don't know.
(TINYTUNA: Purple. Because it's the color of flowers)

Soup: When was the last time you went to the doctor, and what was your reason for going?
Ha! The last time I went to the doctor was last Friday. The reason was the plague. It was a thrill and a joy, and a visit I hope to avoid for another six years, just like last time. Sadly, I have to return to the doctor again next Friday. Moving along....
(TINYTUNA: Last August, because I needed a new immunization form for school)

Salad: What do you collect?
Lonely socks.
(TINYTUNA: Giraffes and Precious Stones)

Main Course: What were you like in high school? Name one thing you miss and one thing you don't miss about those days.
What was I like? Younger. Things I miss and don't miss? Honestly, I don't look back at high school with either wistful nostalgia or white-hot hatred. High school was fine. I had some friends. I had fun. It wasn't traumatic, or horrible. It was what it was, and then we all moved on. The way it's supposed to be, I think.
(TINYTUNA: I don't know. I'm not there yet)

Dessert: Pretend you're standing in front of your home, with your back towards your home. Describe the view. What can you see?
Canada! (Except there are a lot of houses and trees and cars and miles in the way)
(TINYTUNA: I see a wide area of grass, a very busy street with cars and two kids playing across the street)
((GreenTuna: In Canada))


mensch71 said...

I wish I were in Canada. Oh, and you can ALMOST see the Other Boy's house from your front yard. And if you look to the left (on a ladder 30' high), you can see the MenschParent's house.


Gary said...

*waves from Canada*