Monday, February 27, 2006

Oscar! Oscar!

Honey...I'm Home!

It's that time again for GreenTuna's Oscar Derby 2006.

Click on the Handy Dandy LINK and make your selections.

It's free AND It's fun!

Play more than once. Play your favorites, and then play what you think those voting types are going to pick. However, points will only be awarded to those categories actually winning a shiny golden statue.

Haven't seen the movies? It doesn't matter!
(Seriously, of ALL the different movies nominated in ALL 26 categories, I've seen a grand total of seven: Penguins, Wallace & Grommit, Corpse Bride, Narnia, Brokeback, Crash and Harry Potter. I'm WAY behind!)

Guesses are free!

Votes will be compiled by the accounting firm of Tuna and Tuna Inc. Results will be posted throughout the evening as we live-blog the festivities away.

Prizes? Well, I don't know. I guess I'll think of something.

Remember, You Can't Win if You Don't Play!

Oscar Derby forms courtesy of The Defective Yeti.


Mensch71 said...

Can I vote if I'm going to be home, watching the Oscars on your couch?

GreenTuna said...

Well heck yes, you can vote if you're going to be home watching the Oscars on my couch. Are you going to be home watching the Oscars on my couch?

Kat said...

I have seen exactly ... *calculates* ZERO of these movies. So my guesses really are guesses. But I figure you can't go wrong with Brokeback Mountain or Capote.