Monday, February 20, 2006

Because It's All Part of My Evil Plot to Make You Fail

File this under, "Um....ok."

A hella cranky student patron just complained that I was chopping paper too loudly.

I told him where he should go.


Where it would be quiet.

He didn't like my suggestions.

I told him unfortunately (for him), when you set up camp right next to a reference desk, you'll hear questions, answers, general conversation, phones ringing, AND YES....paper chopping.

So he packed up his Samsonite wheelie luggage and huffed off towards the end of the room.

And now I'm going to chop some more.

And my student shelving books down by the end of the room.

So much work to do. So little time.

1 comment:

lifeonhold said...

You got students to shelve books for you? Your evil plan DOES continue!