Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ask GreenTuna

Question: Dear GreenTuna:
Since it's summertime and there are lots of fun things I'd rather be doing, can I kill two unpleasant tasks with one stone and count lawn mowing as an aerobic activity?

Answer: Summertime is the time for Mike's, cowbells, yellow shirts and other pleasant activities. Sadly, there are times when the mundane (see: lawn mowing) simply cannot be put off any longer. In certain cases lawn mowing can indeed be considered an aerobic activity. To the highly skilled, or those pressed for time, it is possible to power-walk, jog or even run like hell with a lawn mower. In fact, the last option is advisable when the approaching black storm clouds of death and 50 mph wind gusts lead you to believe that you are about to re-enact the Bishop's quest for the perfect golf game in Caddyshack.



Cops said...

Ummm...those black storm clouds of death aren't heading my way after you're done with them, right?? no, right??? really, RIGHT???

::puts on waders and moves cats to high ground in anticipation of round two::

K8E MAC said...

Thanks for sending that my way...I was beginning to think you hated me...guess I "jumped to conclusions"

...I have this really great idea for a's a mat where you JUMP to conclusions.


Anonymous said...

Give her a hand ladies and genttlemen! She's won the gold metal, in aerobic lawn mowing! Give her a hand! Great job, and skills, Greentuna!

Bozoette said...

At this point in my life I consider cleaning the bathroom to be an aerobic activity.