Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fashion Police

Yesterday I had plans to go out and hear The Steve Miller Band in an outdoor concert. Since "go out" rarely occurs for me in a social context, TinyTuna was interested in the happenings. When it was time to go, I walked out of my bedroom and told her it was time for me to leave.

"Mom!" She said enthusiastically.

"What?" I answered.

"You're so dressed up!"

I looked down, and then I looked back up at her, confused. "I'm wearing blue jeans, tennis shoes and a T-Shirt. How exactly is that "dressed up?"

She got very solemn and said, "You're wearing YELLOW!"

I looked at my shirt and looked back up again. "And that is dressed up?"

"Yep," she answered, returning to her dinner. "But if you spill something on it, you're dead."

Duly chastised, I told her I'd do my best to keep it clean, and off I went.

The concert was unbelievable. The band played until 11:30 pm, and then came back and did another half-hour of encores. Aside from a few critical errors like enormous bathroom lines post-concert, and attempting to find food when the show was over which amounted to an evening way, way WAY later than planned, the night was absolutely fabulous.


nlk said...

joker, baby, midnight toker! ;)

i saw steve miller back in 1994 at an outdoor earth day concert.

thanks for reminding me! (even if my fave part of the free concert was 10,000 maniacs)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see how Green Tuna heats up.....MN