Friday, July 28, 2006

TinyTuna's Friday Feast

This Friday Feast was done by Tinytuna!

What's the funniest dream you can remember having?

Tinytuna: I had a dream about the Baudelaire orphans in a new adventure

If you were a dog, what breed would you be and why?

Tinytuna: A Cocker Spaniel, because they are friendly and pretty

Continue this sentence, "I get confused when...

Tinytuna: "I get confused when... I see my cats try to kill each other.

Main Course:
Name two things that need to be done, but you are procrastinating in completing?

Tinytuna: Cleaning up my room, and working on the basement!

When was the last time you tried something new, and what was it?

Tinytuna: Tried a Mexican restaurant called Chipotle, and had a Naked Burrito! I can't get out of there now! Or any Mexican restaurant for that matter!


Mensch71 said...

I *heart* Tiny Tuna.


Mollie Mae (the cutest Cocker Spaniel in the world)

katiemac said...

Did you get the ipod with all of its 60 gig video goodness? Thought about you today while I was at work and I was listening to shuffle on my ipod...and I'm still here came up.

I literally laughed out loud.
not as loud as I did when I was proofing a real estate ad that said "partially finished basement with either a hair salon or wet bar."

oh man...I'm laughing again.

bozoette said...

mmmmmmm.... Chipotle....

Thanks, TinyTuna, now I know where I'm going for lunch!

katiemac said...

I have the whole season of The Office on my ipod--good times had by all

Yellow shirts do work. It's a proven fact