Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cowbell Haiku

Tonight we are off to hear more music. One of our favorite local bands -- with people in it we actually know -- will be performing in the park. Even better? I can guarantee you that they will play MORE than seven songs (*coughcoughBangles*). As always I'll be ready with my shouts of MORE COWBELL, because if you think about it, can there EVER be too much cowbell? No, I didn't think so.

Some people applaud,
Others shout for more cowbell.
Highest form of praise.

What this world needs now?
A Hint: it's not love sweet love.
It's much more cowbell.

Hard to understand
The allure of the cowbell.
Cowsmic mystery?

I'm always yelling
I've got to have more cowbell.
Guess I'm just bossy.

Concerts in the park
Food, drink, chairs, friends and cowbell
Check, check, check, check, moo.


nlk said...

one of the best snl skits EVER!!!

i guess blue oyster cult, if you are talking snl.

what do i win? ;)

GreenTuna said...

You win the prize, because's all about the Cult.