Monday, January 29, 2007

The Panda!

Because new blogger has made it much easier to change the template -- no more republishing the entire blog, which, for some of us, gets to be a bit much -- I'll be swapping out the photos more often in the top left hand corner.

Today it's: THE PANDA!

Gotta love pandas
Cute. Cuddly, and sleep in pails.
A bucket o' fun.

Easy thing to eat
Yummy eucalyptus leaves
but so hard to spell.

Which one is cuter?
Koala bears or pandas?
Ursine Sophie's Choice.

Via Cute Overload I discovered Pandafix, which has a bazillion panda pictures.


bozoette said...

They're pandalicious!

Anonymous said...

China's treasured bears
black and white evil monsters
they only look cute.
the boy