Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Scottish Birthday Blessing

Birthday dinners are a common tradition, and it is a hallowed one here in the Tuna Clan. Honorees get to pick their dinner and their dessert, which is ample enough explanation to why you'll never see a mince pie anywhere in the vicinity of my birthday. When GreenTuna celebrates the annual re-celebration of some birthday past, it's Blueberry pie all the way.

But it must take a very special someone to celebrate their very special day with a big heapin' helpin' of Birthday Haggis.

So here's a special Happy Birthday wish to The Boy: May your Haggis plate always be empty and your whiskey glass always be full.


Julie said...

We did our best to honor the Bard. The pipes were wailing and the drum was, well, sorta beating in a rythym-like manner.

And? This year, unlike most past, did not result in the Boy getting all of our haggis too. :) I mean, it was his birthday after all!

Anonymous said...

well thank you, thank you very much!
I did get my annual taste of haggis, which I consider a sort of booster shot to keep things in order.
However, if I have to choose between my Haggis plate and my whiskey glass being full, rest assured I shall choose the latter!
the boy