Monday, January 01, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And you think:

1. Resolution :: Tis the season

2. Happy :: Glad

3. Bubbly :: Champagne

4. Kiss :: At Midnight

5. Leather :: Fine Corinthian

6. Fancy :: Shmancy

7. Pages :: Of a book

8. Stupid :: Is as stupid does

9. Apologize :: Say you're sorry

10. Secrets :: OK if they are good ones

Lots of obvious New Year's sorts of words, until you get to the random "leather" which sadly seemed to prompt a much longer list of not-PG responses. "Bubbly :: Champagne" reminded me of a waitress who was working the New Year's Eve party last night. She came by our table twice to see if we needed anything. Once we asked for water, and once we asked for champagne. I think somehow we had some miscommunication going on. We assumed when she asked us if we needed anything that she would bring it to us. Based on the fact that she never once brought us anything we asked for, we guessed she must have just been curious. Need some water? OK, then. Good luck to you....

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Anonymous said...

I say ... And you think:
1. Resolution :: half a promise
2. Happy :: Birthday!
3. Bubbly :: Doubly
4. Kiss :: Smooch
5. Leather :: Pants
6. Fancy :: Feast
7. Pages :: Ahneda Leksitiv and Toumusch Vrootkaak, please report to the information desk for a message!
8. Stupid :: Head
9. Apologize :: No, I won't!
10. Secrets ::
the boy