Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ah, Great Mysteries of Life

Things I could write about, but have no answers to:
  • Why one cat demands to share my people food every night while the other one couldn't be bothered.
  • Why I have so much junk mail.
  • Why they called shoe trees when all they are are cheap, ill-fitting metal contraptions that scratch up my bedroom door.
  • Why I'm always freezing at home but boiling at work.
  • Why I cannot find anything I'm looking for in my house, but always find things in stores when I have no money.
  • Why the price of newspapers keep going up, but the content keeps shrinking.
  • Why the new Facebook layout really doesn't bother me, yet makes so many others downright furious.
  • Why Mondays are always so hard, when in reality, Saturdays and Sundays aren't exactly days of rest, either.
  • Why college courses were forever ago, but college friends were just yesterday.
  • Why Herbie didn't want to make toys, but wanted to be a dentist.
  • Why I will always sing "Hark, Herald the Angel sings" instead of "Hark, the herald angels sing" and always think I'm being funny.
  • Why pandas make me smile, and bats make me panic.
  • Why life often just seems to be one big lonely sock.
  • Why putting the iPod on "shuffle" is the equivalent of playing the musical lottery.
  • Why I never, ever play the lottery until the prize becomes obscenely huge. Evidently my plan is to wait until the odds are really, really, really, REALLY bad before I care to join in.
  • Why I can never remember the twelve days of Christmas song when it gets higher than 9.
  • Why I don't get, don't appreciate, or plain old don't care about vampires.
  • Why I'm falling asleep at my computer desk and I'm not in bed.
At least I can solve that last one. Goodnight.


One year ago - I sang my fourth "Amahl and the Night Visitors" opera. Each performance and "Amahl" has been personal and special in its own way. This one was no different.

Two years ago - I bemoaned the educational flavor of the day, known as "Connective Math"

Three Years ago - TinyTuna sends me an email and regales me with stories of injuries at school, and rants that nothing rhymes with "Chromium".

Four years ago - I took a commercial break and whined about a few prime examples. Little did I know the Gastrointestinal Macarena was just around the corner.

Five years ago - I was hoping TinyTuna wouldn't get creative in church when answering questions about Advent during the sermon.

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