Monday, December 08, 2008

My Kingdom for a Nook

As I continue to reassemble my bedroom (post-painting), I'm hoping somehow to eke out some space for one final, but very important thing. I really, really, really want a nook. Now, my bedroom is so small, this particular nook isn't going to be anything more than one empty corner where I could put a small comfy chair. But that, in and of itself would be perfection.

A nook would give me a place to read. What's wrong with reading in bed? Nothing, except I can't keep my eyes open. What's wrong with reading in the living room? It's too TVish, so that doesn't work. What about the basement? Don't even go there. What about the throne room? First of all, porcelain does not a nook make, and there are definite time limitations before body parts fall asleep and walking becomes extremely difficult.

A nook would also give me a place to do needlework or knit, grab a quick nap, or make a list that I'll never complete. A nook whispers, "grab a blanket and come snuggle for awhile." A nook is quiet. A nook is peaceful. A nook is a grownup tree house without the ants and the splinters.

I used to work in an office with four walls. It was less a nook and more a fortress, filled with potentially deadly piles of work ready to crush you without warning. When I moved to my Dilbert cubicle, the first thing I did was make my area a nook. I positioned my desk and chair in such a way that I am snuggled up in a corner as far from the entrance as possible. If I could put on slippers and wrap myself up in a blanket it would make it all the better, but even without those luxuries, I've made it as cozy as institutional office furniture allows.

Some people love wide open spaces with minimal furniture. Maybe a hard chair or two, and a sofa that isn't much more than an overstuffed bench with spindly legs. While I appreciate the sleek lines and the airy feeling, to me it comes off as cold. There is no place to curl up, and even a pillow or blanket would seem out of place.

So as I put things back in my room, I'm going to work hard for my nook. If I give myself the gift of a special place to be, maybe I can give myself the gift of a little time to be there. Unheard of? Maybe. Heavenly? Hopefully. Worth the trouble? Absolutely.


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