Friday, December 12, 2008

Covered in Bees!

Today TeenTuna got all her fencing equipment. This includes plastic chest plate, heavy white tunic shirt, glove (one), helmet and sword. Her sword is a sabre (not an épée, for all you crossword puzzle lovers) and just cool as hell. She came home tonight after her concert and donned her gay apparrel, as it were. Although from the waist up, she was 100% fencing worthy, from the waist down she was sporting black concert dress socks and bright blue and pink polka-dotted fleece pajama pants. It was as if Superman was unclear on the concept and wore he big "S" shirt, a cape and a suit coat and dorky glasses. The helmet and sabre were the best, though, because she totally looked like a Beekeeper with serious anger management issues.


Intelligentsia Jr. said...

Random fencer love via Holidailies, but not too much until she converts to the Church of Epee (I joke that I'm an evangelical epee fencer).

How long has TeenTuna been fencing? It's kind of weird to me that she just got her equipment if she's also got a sabre, but I didn't find "my weapon" until I'd taken a break after two years of teaching foil.

Anonymous said...

I'll second Intelligentsia's Holidailies fencer love. It's actually becoming more common to start kids on non-foil weapons... I belong to an all epee club for example.

Anyway, if she fences sabre, she can really wear whatever she wants below the waist, because at least in theory, she shouldn't get hit there. Dress socks and PJ bottoms at least add some visual interest to the otherwise dull uniform.

Anonymous said...

I've got to hand out some sabre love (also via Hlidailies...there must be an unusually high percentage of fencers doing it this year), because sabre rules. Yay, fencing!